The internet offers an amazing, and often overwhelming, selection and amount of products. Often time, there is little time to research certain products before purchase, which results in the product arriving, never being used, and being thrown in a corner, closet, or office because it’s not what you wanted or imagined the product to be. That wastes your valuable time and money. A few years ago prior to the arrival of our first child, we spent countless hours researching all sorts of baby products from strollers, cribs, high chairs, blankets, mattresses, laundry detergent, etc., prior to creating our baby registry. We spent countless hours scouring the internet for product and price comparisons, safety ratings, customer satisfaction ratings, durability, etc. While undergoing that fun, but exhaustive, process we often wished for one reliable, credible website with specific but selective items that we could use for our upcoming arrival. That wish sparked creation of JoyB. If you don’t have a lot of time to research the quality, safety, and/or satisfaction ratings of products before purchasing them, that’s where we come in. We do all the background and leg work for you of hand-picked, high-quality, affordable items that we know you will use and love. We use, have used, or know someone who has used most of the products recommended through JoyB. We extensively researched the quality, ratings, and satisfaction of most of the products prior to purchase and use most of these products in our home, with our children, and in our everyday life. Because of this, you can rest assured that your experience with JoyB will be easy, fun, effective, and affordable. Take a look at the items recommended through JoyB and rest assured your purchasing experience will be an honest and effective one!

Many items listed on this site do return a small commission for product referral, however this is not the sole motivation for displaying the items. We do not carry any of the products listed on the site, nor do we directly sell anything. We are an affiliate to among other sites, Amazon, Clickbank etc.